1965Years - Now

陕西安中机械有限责任公司|安中机械|工业炉|摩擦焊机|汽车尾板|电阻缝焊机|液压设备1965 Years    The origin of HAMC was the former state-owned Anzhong Machinery Plant owned by CAIC II. 。

1974 Years    Anzhong Machinery Plant was founded in June 21, 1965, for manufacturing of non-standard equipment for the aviation industry.

1978 Years    It was enlarged and reformed in 1974 for manufacturing special aviation equipment and non-standard equipment to meet the needs of development of national aviation industry.

1984 Years    In the 1970s, it developed 6000T rubber die press, 8000T rubber die press and large aircraft skinning bending roll machine. These products filled the gap in domestic market. In 1978, this factory won second prize of "National Science and Technology Conference".

2004 Years    On March 21, 2004, approved by State authorities, HAMC was transformed into a joint-stock enterprise

2008 Years    On April 25, 2008, approved by State authorities, HAMC was renamed Shaanxi Anzhong Machinery Co., Ltd.