Name of the corporate culture of SAMC:

Anzhong Culture  

A Culture To-Be-The-First Culture Action

Connotation of Anzhong Culture:

One standard, one ideology and six spirits

Value one standard — To Be the First

Believe in one ideology — Action

Six Spirits::

Humanistic and Innovative Management (for operation and management)

Credit and Customer First (for customer service)

Teamplayer and Devotedness (for cooperation with colleague)

Ambitious and Independent (for market competition)

Innovation and Advancement (for technology research)

Diligence and thrift (for daily work)

--Anzhong Culture originated in SAMC

--A Culture is the first letter of "Anzhong"

一、Core value of SAMC:

A Culture (To-Be-The-First Culture) and Action

ACulture (To-Be-The-First Culture):

To be the first in market competition;

To be the first in innovative development;

To be the first in technology competition;

To be the first in customer service;

To be the first in life, work and study;

To be the first in every single second.


Action first when life becomes hard;

Action first in the face of obstacle and challenge;

Action first in fierce competition;

Action first under pressure and risks;

Action first in the face of infinite opportunity;

Action first in good momentum;

Action is the reason, the journey and the result.

Action is the persistent core value.

Root in age of individuality and aim at the world of non-standard equipment


In competitive market, it is an inevitable approach to highlight distinguishing quality. Pacing up with the age of individuality, SAMC unremittingly hits market with new products to win market and customers. SAMC has acquired advantages and succeeded by providing customized equipment for mechanical procession.

Relieved, exquisite, satisfactory, and reputable


Employees: set minds at rest in work and research to learn to be highly skilled to provide customers with satisfactory products. This is the requirement of SAMC as well as the demand of customers.

Customers: so long as you come to SAMC, you will find satisfactory products. This is the advantages of SAMC in manufacturing of non-standard equipment.

In same industry: SAMC is a reputable enterprise because of the satisfaction of customers.